“The dry cleaning and laundry service is just the best. I have been getting my garments clean with Fresh & Clean for over 2 years and they are the best”.

John F.

“Have to say customer service is the best from ownership to the employees. They have been offering valet service in my building and I am just so happy with all their services”.

Steph K.

“I am a very picky person when it comes to having my apartment clean but this company Fresh & Clean is the best. They are very detailed when it comes to cleaning the apartment and I never had to complaint. Have been using them for almost 3 years now”.

Anthony G.

“I am very impressed by this company. I love that they are in my building offering valet service. Love the services like dry cleaning, laundry service, and apartment cleaning. I have been using all their services and they are the best. Also they keep my building packages very organized and easy to find not like other buildings I have lived in. Thank you Cris for having an incredible company, you and your staff are the best”.

Grace H.

“Fresh and clean is my go to cleaners for everything. They operate in one of the previous building where I lived. My wife and I were so amazed with the customer service they provided to us and loved all services that when we moved out we stayed as customers. We moved down to the financial district and the pick up and delivery service works very good and we still get our apartment cleaned from them. Just the best!!! Thank you for accommodating us with your services after we moved out”.

Mario S.